Udo Richter wrote:

> I've attached a debug patch for impact logging. It dumps the reasons why 
> VDR used a certain device to the console. (replace printf with isyslog 
> if you prefer the log files.)
> [...]

Thanks for this patch, but I don't know when I can test it. I downgraded
my production vdr to 1.4, because I had more critical issues with 1.6 
regarding pay TV. With vdr 1.6 I often "lost" my CAM card completely 
being unable to receive encrypted channels at all, even when no 
recording was started. I have no idea which conditions led to this. A 
vdr restart solved it temporarily, but programming pay TV timers was a 
lottery and the "woman acceptance factor" fell down to 0.0 (but my AF as
well... :)

So I need to compile a vanilla 1.6 to run besides my production 1.4. 
Probably I find some time to do this around x-mas. I'll post the 



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