2008/12/25 Artem Makhutov <ar...@makhutov.org>:
> Hello,
> I would like to setup VDR to receive from 2 different sattelites.
> Currently I have 3 DVB-S cards in my VDR box, and all are connected
> to a single dish pointing to astra 19.2E.
> I have installed a second dish pointing to Sirius 4.8E and would like
> to connect this dish to VDR.
> Is it possible to connect one of the DVB-S cards directly to the
> second dish and setup VDR somehow to use this one DVB-S card only
> to receive channels from Sirius and not trying to use it to tune to
> Astra channels?
> Later on I would like to install one Diseqc switch, so that one of
> the cards can switch between the two sattelites. Is this possible
> with only one Diseqc switch, or must I use 3 Diseqc switches and
> connect all of my DVB-S cards to the two dishes?

Take a look at SourceCaps patch

Oleg Roitburd

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