Artem Makhutov schrieb:
> Take a look at: http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/HDTV
I did that, but there it said a Athlon64 at 2 GHz is sufficient. But I
think your example shows, that this isn't...

> You can also use a Nvidia Video card with VDPAU, which will do the
> decoding in hardware. Then then CPU-Load will be less then 10%, but
> this is currenly in development and does not work reliably right now.
> Using VDPAU you will be able to watch HDTV with a Atholon X2 4850e
> CPU.
As there are hardly any HD programs atm I think I'll go that way. I feel
much more comfortable with a NVIDIA anyway (all my other PCs have one 
too). Hopefully that VDPAU will get stable soon (Soon as in till 2010). 
Point is the 4850e has a TDP of 45 Watts which is much more easier too 
cool than those "bigger" CPUs.

> There are also Mainboards with onboard Nvidia 9300 or 9400 GPU's.
> They also support VDPAU.
Hmm, sounds good. I'll search for some of them.

> To receive Arte HD you need a DVB-S2 card, like the TechnoTrend
> S2-3200 or the Hauppauge HVR4000 because Arte HD is transmitted on
> DVB-S2 and not DVB-S.
I'm not an sat-expert. Do I need a special LNB for DVB-S2? Or is it only 
the card which makes the difference?

In general, what has the overall better Linux support? TechnoTrend or 
Haupauge? (I try to support hardware vendors who care about their Linux 
users and I usually see a "WinTV"-label on all those Haupauge cards).

Thx for those hints, that's at least something to start.

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