I demand that Anssi Hannula may or may not have written...

> Ludwig Nussel wrote:
>> Darren Salt wrote:
>>> I demand that Ludwig Nussel may or may not have written...
>>>> libxine1 as shipped on [SuSE] 11.1 already contains the vdr plugin.
>>>> Packman has the xine plugins for mpeg.
>>> That's binary-incompatible with other distributions. I hope that the
>>> soname has been adjusted appropriately...
>> No, I actually haven't paid attention to that problem.
>> AFAICS the ABI incompatible changes affect post_video_port_s in post.h
>> and xine_video_port_s in video_out.h. Only post plugins or new video
>> outputs would be affected by that I guess. So hopefully not that bad
>> after all.

> Well, the SONAME in libxine reflects application interface only. The
> plugin API has a different versioning.

True, but the plugins should also be linked against libxine, and there's
nothing preventing an application from providing its own plugins.

Unfortunately, the plugin API version can't be changed so easily...

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