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2008-12-31: Version 1.1.4
- adapted to changes in libfritz++:
  * Added type "ALL" to CallList to retrieve complete list of calls at once.
  * Moved callType from CallList to CallEntry.
  * Implemented in-library msn filtering and reverse-lookups.
  * Renamed various methods in FonbookManager from *Fonbuch* to *Fonbook*.
  * Made CallList a singleton.
  * Replaced string tokenizer in Listener.
  * Refactored MSN-filter functionality.
  * Added "-fPIC" to Makefiles.
  * A call to Config::SetupFonbookIDs now deletes a previously
instantiated FonbookManager
    to allow multiple calls to SetupFonbookIDs in case of configuration changes.
  * Introduced new method CallList::DeleteCallList() to explicitly
delete the singleton instance.
  * Made Listener a singleton. A call to Listener::CreateListener() is
used to activate this feature.
  * Introduced new method CallList::CreateCallList() to explicitly
pre-fetch the call list before
    calling CallList::getCallList().
  * Moved Config::SetupFonbookIDs to FonbookManager::CreateFonbookManager().
  * Renamed Tools::GetPhoneSettings() to Tools::GetLocationSettings().
  * Added resolving of SIP[0-9] to real provider names.
- configuration changes of MSN filter, selected fonbooks, hostname and
password are now
  considered immediately without a restart
- plugin classes no longer hold own references to fonbook, listener
and callList. They now use the
  static getter methods.
- fixed a possible crash when using the plugin with showNumber =
pauseOnCall = muteOnCall = false.
  (Patch provided by Andreas [26])
- using new library feature: resolving SIP provider names, instead of
signalling SIP0, ...
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