> Newbie alert!!  I'm trying to get started with vdr and dvb-s (and s2 
> hopefully) and xine.  I've downloaded v4l-dvb
> (30/12), and patched it with v4l-dvb-s2api-add-s2-capability.diff.  That 
> builds and installs fine.  Modules load fine
> (for Nova HD-S2) and I can record (and playback) streams using gnutv so I 
> guess the card and its module are ok.  I then
> run vdr (1.7.2) from the command line like this and I get a bunch of FIXMEs:
> ./vdr -c /etc/vdr -L ./PLUGINS/lib -v /data/video -E/data/video -P"xine -r"

> which seem to indicate that the stream does not begin 0 0 1.  GrabImage is 
> there as I had VDRAdmin-AM running, it also
> seems to have a problem, hopefully the same one.    Any ideas where I go with 
> this?  

please install vdr 170 and 2 patches for it, not vdr 172. For vdr 172 there' is 
not any software decode plugins (vdr-xine.
softdevice,xineliboutput) yet. Let's wait for

>Also is there a cvs/hg repository
> for vdr, 

no any cvs/hg repo for vdr 


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