Ville Skyttä schrieb:
> vdr-dxr3 0.2.9 is available at
> 2009-01-02: Version 0.2.9
> - Update Italian translation (Diego Pierotto)
> - Error handling improvements (Ville Skyttä)
> - Add SVDRP commands for device release/reopen, audio output settings,
>   brightness/contrast/saturation (Krzysztof Parma, Ville Skyttä)
> - Switch to VDR 1.6's i18n system (Ville Skyttä)
> - Drop support for VDR < 1.6.0 (Ville Skyttä)

works great, thanks!

Is there a way to apply the brightness/contrast settings on VDR-start? 
Currently I have to go to Menu->System->Plugins->Dxr3 and press OK after 
every start of VDR. And, can I apply these settings without starting 
VDR, maybe via an entry in /sys/class/em8300 (like the zoom stuff)?

- jan

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