I've encountered a problem with the femon plugin opening 
/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 and not closing it. While tracking down a different 
issue I wrote a small script that would periodically (every 30 seconds, say) 
use svdrp and the femon plugin to grab some information about the current 
status of my DVB signal. After some hours of this running I discovered VDR 
would have some weird problems, and I've since narrowed it down to the fact 
that for whatever reason each loop of my script causes a new opening of 
/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0, which is never closed (even though I do send the 
femon quit command). I can keep track of how many open file handles there are 
using "lsof | grep frontend0 | wc", which goes from one open instance at 
startup to several hundred after hours of running.

Ultimately, this causes VDR to stop working since the kernel won't allow it to 
open any more files beyond a limit. syslog says, as an example
vdr: [14876] ERROR (svdrp.c,126): Too many open files
last message repeated 175 times

Does anyone else see this behaviour, or is it just my setup?

VDR 1.6.0, femon 1.6.5, Debian Testing (mostly), Linux 2.6.28.


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