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> As Im just starting to get vdr working, I was wondering if 1:1 pixel
> mapping between the video card (nvidia onboard HDMI output) and my
> flat panel (Samsung plasma) is a waste of time.  When looking at a
> "computer" generated image like the desktop, its going to make a
> difference, but with broadcast material (SD mostly), I imagine that
> the material is scaled anyway to fit the resolution of the panel
> (which in my case I think is 1024x720, but that has a bit of
> overscan).  So it wont be 1:1 anyway, or am I wrong here?    I know
> this is a bit off topic, but there seems to be a fair bit of
> experience here.

With my TV I've tried running vdr-sxfe at 1360x...@60 (which the TV does
accept over HDMI, but not VGA), 1280x...@50 and 720x...@50. Surprisingly
720x576 seems to look a bit rougher to me than the other two
resolutions. I find 1280x720 is slightly better than 1360x768 for VDR
because of the matching refresh rate.

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