>>> gcc (SUSE Linux) 4.3.1 20080507 (prerelease) [gcc-4_3-branch revision 
>>> 135036]
>>> Copyright (C) 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
>> I had same problem with gcc 4.3.2 on Mandriva. (x86_64 env)
>> Adding off_t() typecasting for the first parameter as you suggested fixed
>> it. Klaus do you remember to fix it for next version without patch?
> If you're using the same compiler as I do, I don't see why such
> a typecast is necessary on your side, while on my side it compiles
> just fine.
> Are you using any different compiler options than me?

At least not intentionally.
I just
- downloaded and extracted vdr-1.7.3.tar.bz2
- cp Make.config.template Make.config
- added to Make.config: DVBDIR = < ..path to my dvb-v4l driver sources)
- make
--> got the error


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