Sascha Vogt a écrit :
> And the second question is about the preferred distribution to use VDR
> with. Are there any distributions optimized for VDR and fast boot times?
> (Yes I know [1], but that didn't help me with choosing one optimized for
> short boot times.) LinVDR seemed to be such, but the last version is now
> 4 years old. I personally have experiences with Gentoo and Debian, so
> that would be my choices if no one has a better option worth trying.

I started with a bare-minimum Debian/e-tobi install (with debootstrap on 
an NFS share, which gives a really light bootable system), then 
installed whatever needed, but nothing fancy (ie. X with a tiny WM, but 
no login manager, ACPI, no dbus, etc...).
Boot time is not spectacular, but OK. Next step, as others did, will be 
to suspend to RAM instead of shuting down, which means boot time will 
become irrelevant...
Install size is 724MB, with full docs (à la Debian), stock kernel, 
modules and initrd, some VDR plugins, etc. (including 187MB of useless 
cached packages).
That's work, but at least everything came in binary...


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