Sascha Vogt a écrit :
> Nicolas Huillard schrieb:
>> Sascha Vogt a écrit :
>>> And the second question is about the preferred distribution to use VDR
>>> with. Are there any distributions optimized for VDR and fast boot times?
>> I started with a bare-minimum Debian/e-tobi install (with debootstrap on 
>> an NFS share, which gives a really light bootable system), then 
>> installed whatever needed, but nothing fancy (ie. X with a tiny WM, but 
>> no login manager, ACPI, no dbus, etc...).
>> Boot time is not spectacular, but OK. [...]
> Can you provide any figures? 30 seconds, 50 seconds, 90 seconds? To get
> at least a rough idea.

30s on an Athlon XP 1.8GHz
roughly 45s on a C3 600MHz

Simply recompiling the kernel, removing unneeded modules and initrd, 
could reduce by 5-10s...


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