Hi Klaus,
> a safety precaution (besides, two channels might
>have the *same* name, but never the same number.

Hmm, I thought it wasn't possible to have two
identical channels (even IF soley the name is
different). Has this changed?

Another question: what happens to the info file
when I make an instant recording (or a timer for
that matter) than spans across more than one
"show"? VDR used to only store the info (epg
data) from the first show. Personally, I think
VDR should record ALL show info (epg data) as
long as the timer or instant recording is
running. Perhaps with a divider between the
multiple shows.

Of course the question is how to distinguish
between simple pre and post timer times and
true multiple shows (perhaps only record the
info if the multiple show has finished being
aired or a similiar mechanism.


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