> Hmm, I thought it wasn't possible to have two
> identical channels (even IF soley the name is
> different). Has this changed?

You can have multiple channels with the same name, i.e.:
Das Erste;ARD:10723:hC34M2O0S0:S13.0E:29900:0=2:0:0:0:28106:1:1101:0

If you want to have a unique id for a channel, that would be that 
channel ID, not its name, man 5 vdr states:
A particular channel can be uniquely identified by its channel ID, 
which  is  a  string  that looks like this:

In this particular case however using the channel number serves the only 
purpose to prevent multiple recordings writing into the same directory 
and for this purpose using the sole channel number is sufficient.

> Another question: what happens to the info file
> when I make an instant recording (or a timer for
> that matter) than spans across more than one
> "show"? VDR used to only store the info (epg
> data) from the first show. Personally, I think
> VDR should record ALL show info (epg data) as
> long as the timer or instant recording is
> running. Perhaps with a divider between the
> multiple shows.
> Of course the question is how to distinguish
> between simple pre and post timer times and
> true multiple shows (perhaps only record the
> info if the multiple show has finished being
> aired or a similiar mechanism.

Just follow the other posts in this thread, the exact same discussion is 
already going on with a comment from Klaus regarding the current behaviour.

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