On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 11:27 AM, Artem Makhutov <ar...@makhutov.org> wrote:
> What points have to be done to finish 1.7.x and to get to 1.8.0.

In the years I've been using VDR, there has always been many
development versions before Klaus has released a new stable so based
on past experience, I wouldn't expect to see 1.8.0 any time soon.
There are some big changes in 1.7.x and I guess it could go either
way.  He might want to release a new stable after the major stuff has
been implimented and tested, saving the little things for the next
development line.  Or he could just take it slow & easy.

One nice thing I've learned is that most dev versions are pretty damn
stable themselves.  I've been running dev versions probably 90%+ of
the time on my main vdr box.  :)

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