On 08.01.2009 17:14, Sascha Vogt wrote:
>>> And the second question is about the preferred distribution to use VDR
>>> with. Are there any distributions optimized for VDR and fast boot times?
> Can you provide any figures? 30 seconds, 50 seconds, 90 seconds? To get
> at least a rough idea.
> PS: Suspend to Ram can be a good alternative, that's true. Hopefully
> that'll be working on that ASUS board...

I'm using Hibernate (aka. suspend to disk), and I'm quite satisfied with 
it. My boot times for a slow C3-600 system:

- Power-on to GRUB boot: 12s
- GRUB to OS up-and-running including DVB drivers: 15s
- VDR up-and-running: 15s

In total, the system needs about 45s to be up, with just 15s being OS 
related (debian/etch-a-half). The system is also not optimized for being 
very light-weighted, its mostly a normal debian without X. Booting the 
stock debian kernel takes roughly 60s longer, a selfmade kernel without 
initrd would also be noticeably faster.



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