On 11.01.2009 20:44, JJussi wrote:
> Related question..  Is it possible to change order of those colors (what
> represent color-keys) at screen?
> Because my remote have those colors, but two of those are in different
> order...

Would be a Skin-related issue. Skins get the key description by color 
name, though the order of the parameters suggest the RGYB order. 
However, a skin should be free to display them in a different order.

For example, messing with cSkinSTTNGDisplayMenu::SetButtons should do 
the trick if you re-order the referenced color names in the 
osd->DrawText calls.

Another way that wouldn't require recompiling is to modify the theme 
color, so that for example the 'Red' button will be shown as Green in 
the menus. As long as you know that any manual referring to 'Red' 
actually means 'Green' on the display and 'Green' on the remote.



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