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*** HISTORY ***
* 3.6.3 -> 3.6.4
- Added: Use ".update" in VDR's video directory to check if recordings
cache needs to be refreshed.
- Added: CACHE_REC_ENABLED option in vdradmind.conf to enable (1) or
disable (0) recordings caching.
- Changed: Encode.pm now is optional and no recoding will happen if
it's missing.
- Updated: Finnish translation (Ville Skyttä)

* 3.6.2 ->: 3.6.3
- Updated: Spanish translation (Submitted by Rüdiger Jung).
- Changed: Process name to "vdradmind" (Based on patch submitted by
Ville Skyttä).
- Updated: Italian translation (Submitted by Diego Pierotto).
- Changed executable's name from "vdradmind.pl" to "vdradmind".
- Updated: Dutch translation (Submitted by Roel Koelewijn).
- Added Play/Stop/FastForward/etc. buttons to remote controls (based
on patch by L.Locke @vdr-portal.de).
- Added: epgsearch templates can be created, modified and deleted.
- Read used character encoding in SVDRP connections and recode result
to the encoding used in the current locale.
- Minor bugfixes and improvements.
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