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Subject: Re: [vdr] ATSC a good primers guide? (Moving from Italy to the 
USwith my VDR setup)

>> So, would the DVB-T card just work with ATSC or is it fundamentally
>> different (like DVB-C is different to DVB-S). In which case should I get
>> a USB ATSC dongle or two?
> For Cabel and Terr you need a patched VDR
> Also you need then a plugin to get the epg data over atsc
> Take a closer look here -->
> http://www.fepg.org/
> If you use VDR on Gentoo, yust enable use-flag atsc

Ohh, I have gentoo, so that's good.

Do you know if I will need a new ATSC card or is a DVB-T card similar enough 
that it'll work? 

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