En/na Josce ha escrit:
> My problem is that vdr 1.6.0 with the reelbox plugin
> displays the subtitles 6 seconds too early.
> Does anyone know if there is a simple way to add a 
> 6 seconds delay to the subtitles?
> I tried to look at the old subtitle plugin and how it
> was done there but couldn't see how to apply that to 
> the subtitle handling that vdr does.

I suppose you're talking about dvb subtitles.
Per chance, are you seeing the problem on ITV3 (Eurobird 1/Astra 2)?
Before the subtitles were perfectly in synch, but since a couple of 
weeks they're several seconds early.
Subtitles on bbc4 are still ok, as are teletext subtitles on ITV3 (well, 
they're early too, but that always happened here with recorded teletext 
subtitles, that's why I hacked a delay in the ttxtsubtitles plugin).
There are also other oddities with subtitles: ITV3 has subtitles 
(correct before, early now) but ITV3+1 has them completely out of whack 
(repeating, disappearing, missing some, etc.).
Film4 stopped broadcasting subtitles some months ago, while Film4+1 
still has them.
I'm wondering if all these problems are with the broadcaster or there's 
some problem in vdr.


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