Hi all,

Anybody here is familiar with xinilibout code?
Or maybe it's a generic concept of plugins that I don't really know...

What is assigned to "input_vdr->f.input_control"? I couldn't find
initialization place.
Don't know if it makes a different, but vdr-sxfe is run with --lirc switch.
I hate pointers to functions!

static void process_xine_keypress(input_plugin_t *input,
                  const char *map, const char *key,
                  int repeat, int release)
  /* from UI --> input plugin --> vdr */
  LOGDBG("Keypress: %s %s %s %s",
     map, key, repeat?"Repeat":"", release?"Release":"");

  if(input) {
    vdr_input_plugin_t *input_vdr = (vdr_input_plugin_t *)input;
    if(input_vdr->f.input_control) {
      input_vdr->f.input_control(input, map, key, repeat, release);
    } else {
      LOGMSG("Keypress --- NO HANDLER SET");
  } else {
    LOGMSG("Keypress --- NO PLUGIN FOUND");

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