Hi everyone,

I've noticed a strange problem on my vdr setup. The SVDRP command GRAB
doesn't work at normal boot.
So i don't have preview with vdradmin or the live-plugin.

In fact, the problem come from the order of the dvb detection. I have a FF
card 2.1 and a Budget nova-t.
During the boot, the nova-t is detected first and then the FF card. I have
already tried to change/invert the
PCI cards, but the nova-t is still detected first. I don't know why.

So if I want to have preview with vdradmin or vdr-plugins-live, i must close
VDR, unload the drivers (nova-t and nexus 2.1) and reload the FF card first
then the nova-t and finally restart VDR.

So my question is: Is there a way to correct that and force the FF-card to
be detected/loaded first at boot?
I have tried udev rules to force dvb-ttpci to be adapter0 and nova-t
adapter1, but it doesn't change anything. No preview with vdradmin

i've tried with vdr vanilla 1.7.2

help me thanks
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