Hi list

Does anyone use checkinstall instead of "make install" in order to build a 
xine-lib debian package? I know how use it along with ffmpeg, but I'm not sure 
how to use it along with xine-lib 1.2 since this one provides more than just 
one package - I guess there are at least three: libxine1, libxine1-bin, 
libxine1-dbg but I'm not sure that is all of it.

Point is: if you build xine-lib-1.2 on your own you can't have conflicting 
distro packages like libxine1, libxine1-bin, libxine1-dbg and so on installed. 
Now many programs will complain about that, since they only check the presence 
of a distro package and NOT the effective presence of any files those packages 

The only way I know to get around this is start building those programs on your 
own as well, but
editing the control file first. So you can remove xine-lib dependencies and 
then build this program successfully. I somehow hate the thought of it - it's 
not the way how this has to be done and might cause problems sooner or later.
So anyone knows how to make the perfect debian package out of this xine-lib 
1.2, so it provides every debian distro package? OS I use is Intrepid

Thanks in advance.

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