On 24.01.2009 23:23, Guy Roussin wrote:
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> Why this 1TB limitation ?

The index file uses 8 byte per entry, two of which are now
used for the file number, one bit is used to identify "independent"
frames, and 40 bits are used for the actual file offset. The
remaining 7 bits are reserved for future use ;-)

40 bit allows access to 1TB, which, assuming 2GB per hour (for current
SD recordings) means a single file recording can be some 500 hours
long. That makes 20 whole days in a single recording. Ok, let's assume
HD recordings need like 4GB per hour, then you still have 10 days
in a single recording.

If you actually have a need to record more than that in one single
recording, we can use some of the reserved bits to increase that
number ;-)


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