On 26.01.2009 23:01, Deti Fliegl wrote:
> Udo Richter wrote:
>> Definitely something that is worth considering. The patch also brings us 
>> one step closer towards hotplug support, a feature that seems very 
>> obvious in times of USB DVB devices.
> Yep you are right but IMHO there would be some more work to do:
> VDR should compile also without direct Linux DVB kernel support. So we 
> could get rid of any specific Linux dependency (and use VDR for BSD 
> based systems like MacOS without patching). Therefore section filtering 
> should make use of a virtual Read() method in the device class. There 
> also needs to be an abstraction for signal information so that plugins 
> like channelscan and femon are not depending on the direct DVB access. 
> Maybe it makes sense to have a Linux DVB device plugin.

Putting cDvbDevice into a plugin is on my agenda, but TS recording and
full HDTV support comes first. Don't even send a patch for this - I won't
look into it at this time.


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