On 27.01.2009 11:54, Matthias Dahl wrote:
> Hi.
> On Tuesday 27 January 2009 11:28:12 Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> Do you have a complete channels.conf entry for this one?
> This should work, according to different posts on this list. I haven't yet 
> tested it myself because ITV HD broadcasts only selected ITV shows/movies and 
> is thus not 24/7 on the air and I just haven't gotten around to it yet:
>       ITV 
> HD;BSkyB:11426:hC23M2O0S0:S28.2E:27500:3401:0;3402=eng:0:0:10510:0:0:0

When I tune to that transponder, I only get

HINRG LOWNRG;Arqiva:11426:hC23M2O0S0:S28.2E:27500:0:641:0:0:55213:59:2315:0
WELL CLASS;Arqiva:11426:hC23M2O0S0:S28.2E:27500:0:643:0:0:55214:59:2315:0
RADIO SHEPHERD;Arqiva:11426:hC23M2O0S0:S28.2E:27500:0:4101:0:0:10551:59:2315:0

There is no channel with an unknown stream type announced here.

Maybe all it would take is to add 0x0B to the switch in cPatFilter::Process(),
as in:

        for (SI::Loop::Iterator it; pmt.streamLoop.getNext(stream, it); ) {
            switch (stream.getStreamType()) {
              case 1: // STREAMTYPE_11172_VIDEO
              case 2: // STREAMTYPE_13818_VIDEO
              case 0x0B: // MPEG4 XXX
              case 0x1B: // MPEG4
                      Vpid = stream.getPid();

Can you try that?


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