On 31.01.2009 22:39, Vesa wrote:
> There has been several discussion about eHD dvb subtitle timing. Vdr 
> works correctly on this area and time subtitles as they should be. 
> Reelbox-plugin do not deliver timing info (STC) with default settings. 
> The catch is soundcard support. For audio delay adjustment 
> reelbox-plugin deliver STC. So just turn "Analog audio" to "Soundcard" 
> and STC is delivered to VDR and subtitles are in time.
> Only issue after this is with replaying recording, it will took some 
> time to get STC to correct value. For this it would be nice to get min 
> and max value for subtitle delay. If delay is out of those limits, vdr 
> would use middle setting.

Why can't the eHD plugin just deliver a correct STC?
It doesn't even have to be a "real" STC - the PTS of the most
recently presented frame would do just fine.


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