On 31.01.2009 11:51, Alex Betis wrote:
> ... [ EPG for time shifted channels ] ...

>     > As an example, 75.0E has NTV and NTV-2, or DTV and DTV-2
>     Please post the complete channels.conf entries of these channels.
> Here it is:
> This couple looks like sending the EPG shifted correctly:
> HTB;GTSS:12640:vM2O0S0:S75.0E:22000:503:504,505:0:0:100:58:103:0
> HTB-3;GTSS:12640:vM2O0S0:S75.0E:22000:501:502:0:0:500:58:103:0
> This couple looks like not shifting the EPG at all:
> DTV-0;GTSS:12640:vM2O0S0:S75.0E:22000:201:202:0:0:200:58:103:0
> DTV-2;GTSS:12518:vC78M2O0S0:S75.0E:22000:701:702=eng:0:0:504:86:100:0
> This one looks like shifting the EPG in wrong direction (its scrambled,
> but I've compared the content of EPG.data with official site):
> CTC+7;CTC Media:12640:vM2O0S0:S75.0E:22000:401:402:0:2600:400:58:103:0

Looks like you got all sorts of variations: some do it right, some do
it wrong, and some don't do it at all ;-)

Since every channel has its own SID, it also has its own EPG data, which
logically needs to correspond to the times the programmes are actually
broadcast. So far I don't se any proper solution than having the providers
fix this.

>     >     > I use s script that updates those channels from internet, so
>     I don't
>     >     > mind to disable EPG update received on the channel.
>     >
>     >     You can set the "table id" of these events to 0 (see man 5 vdr).
>     >
>     > The problem is not with overwriting the data, but appending the wrong
>     > data for that channel.
>     > I see both script inserted and DVB transmitted data that are differ.
>     >
>     > Is there such "table id" setting per channel and not per EPG entry?
>     No, this is per EPG event, not per channel.
> I'll probably patch the code for now to disable the received EPG processing.
> But as I see it, there is an issue even when the EPG is correctly
> transmitted by a provider, for example:
> What VDR will do when there is a change in the program and there is a
> delay in transmission of some program?
> Will it have 2 entries for the same program or update the previous entry?

VDR will update/replace all EPG entries according to the new tables.
There shouldn't be double entries.

> If EPG time is in UTC, than that's a mystery how should those coupled
> channels be handled.

As I said, each channel has its own SID, and therefore its very own
EPG data, which needs to be adjusted to the actual broadcast times
of that channel.

As an example: if you have two channels, say ABC and ABC+1, where ABC+1
broadcasts everything one hour later that ABC, then if the air time of
event XY is 8:00 for channel ABC, it needs to be 9:00 for channel ABC+1.
All times given in UTC, of course.


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