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>  On 1 Feb 2009, at 18:12, Torgeir Veimo wrote:
>  > I am having some issues trying out vdpau with an nvidia card on the
>  > svideo output; I'm getting testing.
> Hmm hangover day... Was going to say I'm getting tearing.
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On the newer drivers for Linux for the later series cards from NVidia,
they have purposefully disabled the output of 50Hz when you select PAL
over the S-Video output. You would think that when you specify PAL in
your xorg.conf Options that it will automatically change the refresh
rate to 50Hz. You can confirm this by running "DISPLAY=:0.1 xvidtune",
assuming your S-Video out is :0.1, could even be :0.2 on yours. The
newer TVs will show the colour correct PAL encoding, but over 60Hz
refresh rate, the older CRT TVs cannot do this. Similar to PAL-B that
is said to be on 60Hz (wikipedia).

The tearing effect can caused due to your video is interlaced
requiring a 50Hz output device, but your card is actually output
@60Hz, so you require a deinterlacer to run. I would think that vdpau
would assist in achieving deinterlaced video, making it fit to view on
60Hz out. The other solution is to have an old card with an old
driver, but vdpau is only supported on newer cards. inspect your
deinterlacer configuration settings of vdpau.

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