I've tried this switch as well, unfortunately it doesn't work :-(


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On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 2:26 PM, kafifi <kaf...@orange.fr> wrote:


I am using vdr-1.6.0 and mplayer with Nexus FF card and it's spdif output.
When I run some "720p_AC3.avi" movies, my HC ampli receives 5.1 audio
problem. But with movies with DTS audio tracks, vdr+mplayer give only PCM in
stereo mode. There is an issue with DTS passthrough.

When I try mplayer **without vdr**, DTS is working :
Mplayer -ao mpegpes afm hwac3 movie.avi

My mplayer.sh.conf has theses lines :
AC3AOUT="-ao mpegpes -afm hwac3"

Did I missed something ?
Do you know how could I fix this issue ?

I'm not an expert in that since I didn't get to receiver connection yet, but
I think there is also "hwdts" codec.
I think the correct switch is "-ac hwdts".
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