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schrieb Goga777 <>:

> > >> Did you see the pictures from XBMC patched for vdr?
> > >
> > > where's it possible to look on that pictures ?
> > >
> > 
> > Search here for Screenshots:
> >
> did you try really vdr + xbmc with h264 hdtv channels and mkv hdtv
> files ? does it work well ?

No, sorry. I don't have VDR integrated in XBMC. I switch
between XBMC and vdr-sxfe with remote. I still use
VDR 1.6.0 and there is no patch for this version.
I use only analog tv and dvb-t, so I have no hdtv.
I didn't try mkv files and the max. resolution of my
plasma is 1280x720.

I wrote it only because I like the look of xbmc very
much and i like the idea to integrate vdr into it.


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