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> On 06.02.2009 13:49, Alex Betis wrote:
> > I'm playing now with autoshutdown script (the one that is specified with
> > -s switch) and have a question.
> > When power button is pressed, VDR calls the script, but lets say the
> > script decided not to
> > shutdown the PC (other background work is done). I see that VDR shows a
> > countdown of
> > 5 minutes saying that it will shutdown soon.
> VDR does not know whether the shutdown script initiated the shutdown or
> decided to ignore it, so it simply sets the SHUTDOWNRETRY time (6
> minutes) until next shutdown attempt. The 5-minute countdown will
> automatically start after the first minute.
> > What are the common ways to cancel that?
> > I thought about sending a "back" button using SVDRP. Is there any other
> > methods?
> There is no official way to announce background activity from outside of
> VDR. Sending a keystroke would work, but probably shifts shutdown
> several hours into the future. Sending a poweroff when done is also a
> bad idea, as an user might be using VDR by now.
> The easiest way is to just assume that no one sees the countdowns, and
> keep trying shutdown until it succeeds. Any user activity will make the
> countdown disappear anyway.

Ok, got the idea. I thought VDR will shutdown itself after that counter,
something that is not really wanted.
After trying it, I see that it just counts down and call the script again. I
saw somewhere in the manual also that it leaves
the control to the script (to kill it) and do not exit by itself.


> Plugins have more control over shutdown, they can report their activity
> and can even announce future activity, leaving VDR the decision to shut
> down until then or not.
> Cheers,
> Udo
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