On 07.02.2009 23:01, Patrick Maier wrote:
> Hi,
> my DVB-S FF card broke down those days. I think it's the tuner of the card, 
> because it can't lock to a frequency:
> ----- Output of femon -----
> using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0'
> FE: Philips TDA8083 DVB-S (SAT)
> status 01 | signal 6363 | snr 1919 | ber 080484c0 | unc bfc2d9f8 |
> ----- End of output -----
> Additional I've a DVB-S budget card in the system.
> So is it possible to use the Tuner of the buget card and use the broken FF 
> card only as display device and tell the system not to use the broken tuner?

You could insert the lines

  if (IsPrimrayDevice())
     return false;

at the beginning of cDvbDevice::ProvidesSource().


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