On 08.02.2009 10:19, Ville Skyttä wrote:
> On Saturday 07 February 2009, Udo Richter wrote:
>> Unfortunately it's not that easy. Currently, VDR backgrounds the call to
>> the shutdown script, and detaches the shutdown script from the VDR
>> process. Only because of that, the script can 'survive' the kill of VDR,
> Why is that even necessary?  Shutdown scripts could selectively
> background+detach things that need to survive killing of VDR and the script
> themselves, if any.

Detaching as a script isn't that easy, the reason for these ugly echo 
"..." | at now workarounds.

>> and only because of that the script can display messages via SVDRP.
> Hmm, why wouldn't a non-background, non-detached script called by VDR be able
> to do that?

The main VDR thread would have to wait for the return, and SVDRP won't 
be handled until then. SVDRP connections from the script would timeout. 
You can see that if you use SVDRP commands from commands.conf without 
explicitly backgrounding.

On the error level return, thats also not very practicable for VDR. For 
VDR the question isn't whether we do shutdown or not. Either there will 
be a kill signal coming, or there won't. The question for VDR is: If we 
don't shut down, when should VDR check again, or how does VDR know that 
the background job is done? An error level return is quite limited here.



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