New version of the Webvideo plugin is available at

The Webvideo plugin is a tool for browsing and downloading videos from 
popular video sharing websites, such as YouTube and Google video, using 
VDR menu interface or a command line client. With the help of 
xineliboutput plugin the videos can be played directly without 
downloading them first.

Changes since the last version:

- The downloader backend is now a separate server process. The user
   interface is no longer blocked while the plugin is waiting for a web
   server to respond.
- Support for streaming
- A new command line client that has the same capabilities as the plugin
   but can be used without VDR.
- Alternative URLs for videos. For example, Youtube module first tries
   to download high quality version, and falls back to standard version
   if high quality version is not available.
- Cleaning up of the XML menu scheme. New menu items: textfields, item
   lists, query buttons.
- Status page that lists uncompleted downloads
- Updated YouTube, Google, and SVTPlay modules to work with the recent
   changes on these sites

Antti Ajanki

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