Hi there,

a new version of epgsync is online. With the epgsync plugin you can import the
EPG of an other VDR. This is particularly useful for streamdev-clients without
DVB card. Even though streamdev-server forwards the current transponder's EPG
data to the client, the server can often provide more data (e.g. due to EPG
scan or recordings on transponders the client rarely tunes). Note that
streamdev-clients builtin EPG-sync option is considered to be obsolete and
will be dropped soon.

Now what's new in 0.0.3? Besides the overdue gettext support, two new setup
options are available. It is possible to limit the import to a specific
channel type (DVB-C/S/T, analog) and to lookup channels by name instead of ID.
So you could e.g. copy the EPG of DVB channels to their analog counterparts.

Download and more details on http://vdr.schmirler.de


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