Matti Ropo wrote:
> Lauri Tischler wrote:
>> Some operators (at least Welho) have rearranged their channel id's,
>> so you may need to re-scan your channels or allow VDR to automatically
>> update pid's and id's.
> I have allowed vdr to search new channels and transponders so it should 
> also found new PIDs I think. At least in logfile it says that vdr has 
> found some new pids.
> I did update first only channel data for channels which had missing epg 
> data in xxv. This did help, but at the same time TV2 did start miss epg 
> data. Then I updated whole channel.conf and now TV2 seem to be workin, 
> but MTV3 is missing some of its program and SUBTV does not have any epd 
> data in XXV. At the same time data in vdradmin is correct. Strange.

Are you sure you dont have duplicate channels, that is same name,
ie. 'YLE Teema' but different SID's, this is what happened when Digita
rearranged antenna-channels, VDR added second 'YLE Teema' with new SID,
I had to manually remove the old YLE Teema.

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