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> Watching live sports i get judder, it almost looks like it's dropping  
> every even or odd field.. It might be that it's just that field parity  
> is not observed, but it's a bit hard to make out.

By "judder" do you just mean a slight lack of smoothness or is it quite
severe with moving objects jumping backwards each frame? If the former
it's probably dropping fields (or deinterlacing to 25fps), if the latter
it's got the field parity wrong.

> Am beginning to think that nvidia hardware is useless for 50Hz pal  
> output..

Or at least it is with the current drivers. Would it be straightforward
to replace your card with an old AGP one? Patched ATI drivers and
xinelib, or A Matrox G4x0 (or 550?) with DirectFB are probably more
suitable for a CRT TV.

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