>>  The MG 800 successfully plays streamed content from the internet, 
>> but has problems with a stream from the streamdev server. 
>>  The URL I am using from the player is identical to one that
>> mplayer can play, e.g. ''.
>PCH is not very good on recognizing media formats on FOURCC codes. So
>needs URL with correct prefix.
>So could you check with URL and report:
>Above URL is submitted if you use Streamdev's channel selection
>(drop /1 from the end)
>- Jori
Thanks for the response Jori. I have tried as you suggested but it still
didn't work.
I am also following this up with Frank Schmirler and have made some
progress - the negotiation seems to proceed further and streamdev
attempts to start streaming, but the Mediagate disconnects and the
retries a number of times to establish similar connections, each which
streamdev accepts, but the Mediagate never seems satisfied and
eventually gives up.
I have notified the problem to Mediagate but I am note hopeful of any
response soon.
Can you suggest any thing else I should try? I can provide streamdev
debug trace if it would help.




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