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> Andy Ritger (nvidia) said in a mail to the xorg mailing list some time  
> ago;
> "If the application doesn't enable de-interlacing, NVIDIA's VDPAU
> implementation will currently copy the weaved frame to the "progressive"
> surface, and whether it will come out correctly will depend whether the
> window's offset from the start of the screen is odd or even."
> I take this to imply that field parity should be possible, but the  
> application in use have to detect the field flag from the source  
> material and set the Y offset appropriately to be 0 or 1 accordingly.

It also relies on vsyncing correctly. If it syncs to the wrong field
you'll get the backward juddering. I don't think VDPAU provides a way
for applications to distinguish between odd and even vsyncs, but perhaps
it does its own internal syncing.

And if the video has to be scaled it would have to scale each field
separately then reinterlace them line-by-line at the output resolution.

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