Am Freitag, den 13.02.2009, 11:36 +0100 schrieb Patrick Maier:
> Can you give me the part-number of that chip. Where did you get it?

Hi Patrick, 
In Germany, you can get it from Segor:

Because of their pretty high "Mindestbestellwert", people often buy more
chips then actually needed to fix their FF cards. So it might be a good
idea to ask/search on vdr-portal or offer the spare ones there.

> So This is the power supply for the LNB and creates the different voltages 
> and frequencies telling which band and H/V is required.

Yes, exactly. 

> Can I test the actual output with an oszilloscope? You know which signals 
> must be there when in low/high-band and H/V?

Usually, you won't even need an oszilloscope to detect failure of the
LNBP on the Rev1.3. With a dead chip, the LNB supply voltage is missing
or way to low in almost all cases. 

If VDR is tuned to a transponder with vertical polarization, you should
see 13V supply on the connector. With horizontal polarization, it should
be 18V. 


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