I uploaded a new remotetimers release to http://vdr.schmirler.de which brings
mostly bugfixes for the previous release 0.1.0.

The remotetimers-plugin is a perfect add-on for streamdev-clients to
add/edit/delete timers on the server VDR. Additional features:

- multiuser support by assigning user IDs
- modify name, priority and lifetime of recordings
- serverside cutting of recordings
- VDR patch for serverside instant recordings (REC / Pause keys)
- progress bars for EPG menu
- possibility to swap key bindings of "Ok" / "Blue" in the "What's on" menus
- refresh recordings list after mount/unmount of video directory and even if
server directory is mounted as a subdirectory of the local video directory

Changelog of 0.1.1
- New setup option for swapping the key bindings of "Ok" and "Blue" in the
"What's on now/next" menus (suggested by holg...@vdrportal)
- Update recordings list after mount/unmount of video directory
- Fixed remote cutting which didn't work if local video directory is equal to
the server's video directory (reported by k...@vdrportal)
- Fixed compile error in remote_instant_recordings-patch (reported by
- Fixed incompatibility with switchtimer-patch (reported by Andreas Schott)
- Updated Italian translations (thanks to Diego Pierotto)


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