On 24.02.2009 08:11, Andreas Mair wrote:
> Hi,
> 2009/2/23 Matthias Wächter <matth...@waechter.wiz.at>:
>> Hi,
>> just wanted to ask whether someone already thought about the idea to use
>> unique timer IDs, like autoincrement, for avoiding race conditions
>> between multiple users or processes adding or removing timers. The
>> associated renumbering between DELT operations can lead to hitting the
>> wrong timer. If all timers had unique numbers, the issue would be gone
>> implicitly, but timers.conf would have to carry the ID requiring a file
>> layout change.
>> What do you think?
> Why do you only want them for timers?
> IMHO they should be unique for _any_ id used in SVDRP, like
> recordings, channels and timers.
> IIRC Klaus likes this idea but it has low priority. But he might
> accept patches...

I know that concurrent SVDRP sessions are "wished" and that there
are several things to consider when implementing them. However,
as you stated correctly, this has low priority to me. Currently
I'm working on making VDR fully HD capable, so any patches that
might be posted for other things would either take time off the
HD topic, or just be ignored altogether right now...


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