I would appreciate for any help with proper set of
DVB_Card/CI/CAM/Access_Card for receiving Greek channels NOVA from
provider NetMed. I'm hoping that some one from VDR list do have
experience with Irdetto NetMed.

I've got Hauppauge Win-TV NOVA-CI-s card with expansion CI Interface
1.0A and as an alternative expansion CI Interface 1.1. Irdetto CAM I've
got two different versions P/N 904063 Rev1.0 and P/N 904505 Rev1.1. And
of cause working Conditional Access Card for NOVA subscription. The NOVA
subscription is 100% working because in combination with CAM P/N 904063
Rev1.0 it opens channels on Dreambox.

On VDR none of combination works, while with expansion CI Interface 1.0A
and CAM P/N 904063 Rev1.0 VDR shows "CAM Ready" but still do not
de-scramble channels. The free channel from the same transponder are
shown well, so it's obviously not a signal level. With ViaAccess card it
de-scramble NTV+ channels well, so it's not a corrupted VDR

I only guess that there are a specific combination of
DVB_Card/CI/CAM/Access_Card that working fine with Irdetto NetMed.

Any feedback are welcome.

Thanking in advance,

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