I've had a quick look at the Freesat EPG patch for VDR to try to
understand how it works. I think I've read that the Freesat EPG is
broadcast on Eurobird (and only on one transponder?) whereas most of the
programs are actually broadcast on Astra 28.2E, but the patch doesn't
seem to add anything to VDR for selecting transponders.

So does VDR periodically scan all the transponders it knows for EPG etc,
or when you ask it to scan, or is the Freesat EPG actually available on
all the transponders in its network?

I'd also like to find some more information about the Huffman encoding
tables it uses. Apparently these need updating periodically. Are the
tables broadcast alongside the EPG, but means to receive them hasn't
made it into the VDR patch (yet)?

I'd also like to know if and how Freesat's logical channel numbers are
broadcast and if there are alternative SDTs, PATs and PMTs especially
for Freesat instead of the BSkyB ones.

If I try to search for this sort of info on Google all I seem to get are
non-technical articles written before Freesat's launch, speculating on
what the EPG might look like.

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