On 28.02.2009 15:54, Luca Olivetti wrote:
> En/na Klaus Schmidinger ha escrit:
>> ...teletext subtitles are a thing from the past, the normal way
>> of broadcasting subtitles should be DVB subtitles. I hardly think a
>> DVD player would be able to handle teletext subtitles (or am I wrong here?).
> While I agree that dvb subtitles are usually better than teletext 
> subtitles, there are cases when it isn't so.
> For example, itv3 (shoot me, but I like Poirot) broadcasts both teletext 
> and dvb subtitles, but the dvb subtitles are ~6 seconds early, so 
> they're unusable.

Have you ever inquired why they don't fix this?


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