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> On Sat, 28 Feb 2009, Tony Houghton wrote:
> > I haven't checked BATs or EITs yet, but Freeview seems to use standard
> > pids (from ETSI EN 300 468) for PATs, PMTs, SDTs and NITs. The standard
> > BAT pid is 0x11 so I don't see how simply adding 3800 works :-/.
> Sorry, my head obviously isn't with it, but that's where the BAT is, if 
> you dvbsnoop on pidscan mode you'll find the other tables in that range as 
> well.
> AFAIR, the EPG takes about 30 minutes to populate

Except on one particular transponder apparently, where it's more like 30

I'm trying to write a channel scanner (and later on an EPG scanner) that
can handle Freesat nicely, but these non-standard PIDs are a pain. I
found another useful DigitalSpy post
<http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=971793> which tells
you how to find the PIDs. The trouble is this only finds NITs with
table_id 0x41 (other network) and SDTs with PID 0x46 (other transport
stream). I haven't checked the NITs yet to see whether they're still
useful, but the SDTs only contain channels from other transponders, so
at best my scanner will have to maintain a lot of data across multiple
transponders instead of being able to neatly package each set of
channels with its own transponder. Also, all the sections have a
section_number of 0 even though they carry different data, so the only
way of knowing when you've got a complete set (from the current
transponder) is by seeing whether you've already received that data and
trust their transmission order hasn't changed.

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