My DVD player is not working at the moment, 
so I want to watch a DVD on my VDR system in the living room.

In an earlier message on this list, somebody said that the
DVD plugin is not working, so I did not waste any time trying.
Also, my VDR PC does not have a DVD ROM anyway.

What I did, was:

1) I turned the DVD into a MPEG file using mplayer.
   Directly from a DVD ROM this can be done using
     mplayer -dumpstream dvd://1
   If the DVD has already been ripped to an ISO image,
   this can be done using
     mplayer -dvd-device path_to.iso -dumpstream dvd://1
   mplayer creates an MPEG file called "stream.dump".

2) I created a Video directory for the recording:
     mkdir -p /video/%Name_of_the_movie/2009-03-

3) I used genindex 0.1.3 to split the file into
   VDR recording files and to create the index:
     genindex -r -i stream.dump -d 
/video/%Name_of_the_movie/2009-03- -s 1024

At least for the one DVD I tries so far, this worked fine.

I also like the fact that I do not have to insert the
DVD disk every time I want to watch the movie.
It is nice to have it integrated seamlessly into my recordings.

I guess most of this could have been done with the mplayer
plugin as well, but AFAIK the mplayer plugin does not allow me
to choose audio tracks, it requires a high system load for re-encoding
and it reduces the quality during re-encoding.

Just wanted to share my experience with the list.


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