Hi All,

I would have a feature-request for the LiveBuffer patch that is
available VDR.

Sometimes when I'm watching a program from the buffer, i accidentally
hit the <up>/<down> button for pausing/resuming the program (or ch+/ch-
too). This of course changes the channel, and i loose my buffer...

What would be great is a feature that warns me before changing channels
while watching from the buffer. A prompt like this would be great: "Do
you really want to change channel?"

Also a nice thing to have is a way of watching the saved
livebuffer-files. Now it get´s saved into /video/LiveBuffer, and vdr
does not see this. Maybe it could be saved into a subdirectory like
/video/LiveBuffer/2100-01-, then vdr would always have
it as the last recording available in the recordings-list...



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