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> > RAM is cheap - just add some RAM and use a memory-based filesystem like
> > tmpfs? Then there would be no special handling required from VDR since
> > the 'livebuffer' file is part of the directory tree like any other file.
> Not a bad idea really as long as nothing else needs ram.  I recorded
> 70mins worth of 1080i HDTV the other day and total size was about
> 3.5G.  4GB is about $35-$40 for DDR2-800 so it's not too expensive.  I
> usually take advantage of mail-in-rebates so I've actually got a few
> 2x2GB kits here that I haven't paid more then $20 for each and all my
> boxes have at least 4GB in them already.
> Is it possible to resize the live buffer is another app needs more ram?

For boxstar I was thinking of having the live buffer in RAM to save
writing to the HD, and even wondered about having it in the player
front-end instead of the server. Both approaches have their pros and

The beauty of virtual memory is that it works both ways. An application
written to use a file can have the file cached in RAM and one written to
use RAM can have it swapped to disc if the RAM is needed for something

But I wonder, does writing to the HD really shorten its life
significantly compared to constant spinning or frequently being spun up
and down?

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